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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. . >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield. police are working on a tragic case. a 22-year-old college student lost his life last night. so far his killer has gotten away with it. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco. this is just one of the many boulders that came down yesterday morning right at a building. i'll tell you about those who cannot go back to those buildings and who is to blame. at least the debate coming up. >> i guess you could say the weather is good news/bad news. good news, no more rain. bad news we still need more rain and more snow. i don't see much in the
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forecast. we'll tack about the fog. if your -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >> thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. richmond police are trying to solve a bizarre murder mystery. a 22-year-old man gunned down during a shootout that had nothing to do with him. amy hollyfield is live at the richmond police department. it appears the victim was heading to class at a local community college. >> reporter: yeah he was with his sister. this was about 7:00 last night they were headed to class at contra costa college when he was shot. he was the passenger in the car. his sister was driving. it appears that a man fired into their car for no reason at all. the killer was running after a car, he was shooting at it then he gave up as that car
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sped away then he looked up, saw the man and his sister sitting in their car and shot at them. the sister drove away trying to escape, get out of there it was too late for her brother he had been fatally hit he died at the scene. the sister is okay. the victim has been identified as 22-year-old edwin martinez of richmond. police don't have a description of the shooter. he ran away, this was in the area of 22nd street and nevin. they are hoping if there are witnesses that someone will come forward and help them on this case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. city crews are keeping a close eye on san francisco's telegraph hill this morning. after a chunk of the hill broke loose, crushed a car and forced families out of their homes. >> reporter: they are always
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going to tell you the top priority is safe. look what they are up against boulders this size at least seven feet high, seven feet wide up the hill another one like it and a lot of other bowelers, smaller, but destructive. all of -- boulders, smaller, but destructive. three units plain evacuated this morning. take a look at the damage done when these boulders came down, one 8:30 yesterday morning the other an hour later. they damaged a car, no one injured. even a nearby resident who was not evacuated was shaken up. >> i didn't know it was a rock slide it sounded like an earthquake. everything was shaking in our apartment. it was scary. >> reporter: landslides on telegraph hill, not uncommon. 2007 there was a landslide in the southern part of the hill that lead to several buildings
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being red tagged they had to do a lot of work there. 1929, a five-unit building had to be torn down when the rocks underneath were washed away. 1997 rock slide where this took place that lead to a lawsuit, to a lot of finger-pointing. this hillside does need to be stable lighted. the city is saying it is up to the owners of this condo building to stabilize the hillside, get netting over it and bolts to stabilize it. we'll see what happens there. right now the concern is safety and they are taking precautions engineers coming out to take a look. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:04. muni driver due to be arraigned in san francisco court today five months after his bus struck and killed a woman. wallace loggins is charged with misdemeanor vehicular
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manslaughter and can face up to a year in jail. he was driving an empty bus to a new assignment august 19th, when he ran over 23-year-old emily dunn. she almost made it through a crosswalk when she was hit. police trying to determine if alcohol or drugs were involved in a car accident that killed two people. here's the scene, list say one vehicle collided with another -- police say one vehicle collided with another. one car pushed into a drainage ditch to suffered major injuries. police still investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash. oakland city leaders putting the final touches on plans to cut more than 100 jobs, fire than originally planned officials will have to -- fewer than originally planned. officials will have to take up more cuts in a meeting tomorrow. >> reporter: let's not forget oakland originally sent out 2500 lay-off notices. the numbers have come way down
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there's still the issue of services. mayor quan is now proposing 105 employees be laid off. before yesterday the estimate was 159 people because that's how many fulltime positions redevelopment money funded. oakland is facing a 28 million dollar deficit because the state has he almost nated redevelopment agencies. rather than -- get rid of the employees the city has decided to reorganize. departments will be merged and there will be fewer administrators. >> what you are seeing is a proposal which has much fewer lay-offs than you would expect just on redevelopment that is why we organized it very broadly. >> i'm not going to criticize the city for trying to act in a responsible manner. but i don't think that february 1st, that money is going to evaporate. >> reporter: february 1st, that's when the redevelopment agency is dissolved. lay-offs scheduled to take
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effect february 3rd. special meeting tomorrow night to propose the lay-offs and cuts. we note the cuts will affect community center hours, public -- works subsidies to the oakland zoo, children's zoo and aquatic center, public safety, library and social services will not lose funding. katie marzullo, abc7 news. concord making deep cuts to public events after losing 7.5 million dollars in state redevelopment money. 45 events, including 4th of july parade -- the council will meet and discuss an impact report. some events will be cut not sure which ones along with other programs such as affordable housing and seven jobs. concord may be forced to sell land, including a vacant lot near the bart station. meteorologist mike nicco was telling us the ground would be saturated enough to
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create fog overnight. boy was he right. >> let's check in with mike right now. >> you guys ran into fog this morning? i did too. it is out there patchy, but it is out there, some of our reporting stations around the bay shore unlimited same with livermore there is some in the east bay hills and north bay valleys novato less than a quarter mile visible. it is out there just moving around right now because we have a light wind around three to four miles per hour. the other big story how much cooler it is this morning, 11 mountain view, 14 redwood city, 8° cooler in san francisco, five in oakland, three in san jose that puts us at 50 san jose, fremont, 51 half moon bay, 39 fairfield the cool spot, low to mid 40s inland 42 redwood city the rest of the bay shore mid to upper 40s. storm system moving north the whole track will have blow
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over high clouds, partly cloudy to mostly sunny this afternoon upper 50s to lower 60s, we'll end up warmer this afternoon, warmer weather on the way tomorrow, the warmest this weekend low 60s at the coast and mid to upper 60s for the bay and inland. here's sue with the traffic. good morning. live look at the golden gate bridge construction at the north tower down to one lane out of waldo tunnel that has been picked up. traffic nice coming into san francisco from marin county, no problems. san mateo bridge no problems either, wanted to show you a live shot taillights headed westbound towards foster city up and over the highrise where traffic is at the limit teen hayward and san mateo no problems -- between hayward and san mateo no problems. bridge check this morning, no metering lights and no issues a little slowing on the incline towards treasure island, no stalls or accidents
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on the bridge for your drive into san francisco this morning, checked with bart, mooney, ace, ferries, cal train, everybody is on time. great way to get around. i thought we would look at some of the drive times right now. highway 80 still great drive towards the maze, 4 towards concord and 580 over the altamont good drive as well. 5:10. next, the extraordinary security in place in the san francisco courtroom for a closely watched murder trial. downloading deluge. the new numbers that are overing -- offering a big hint about the future of television. most of us don't consider the airport a good place to relax. but san francisco international is trying to change that.
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a triple murder trial began in san francisco yesterday. prosecutors say edwin ramos an alleged ms-13 gang member ginned a father and two of his sons in 2008 after mistaking them for rivals. tight security at the trial, courtroom she'ded from the public by bulletproof grass. ramos' attorney explained why her client changed his story and drove the car for the gunman. >> would you want to take the rap for this horrible crime
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that you didn't do and left holding the bag? >> a son who survived the attack and identified ramos as the shooter is expected to testify this week. the trial will include more than 100 witnesses and could last six months. one of the main links to yosemite closed indefinitely because a rockslide is blocking the road. the national park service gave us these pictures the western entrance. the rocks fell over the weekend after a storm dumped six inches of rain and snow on the park. park visitors can still riccio stemmy by taking highway 140 north of -- can still riccio stemmy by taking highway 140. sfo will open a doesn't room this thursday. it will be in terminal 2 past security. physiologists seau , stretching, a little tai chi
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is a great idea -- sitting for hours on the plane tends to shorten muscles that can lead to back problems. if you are watching more videos than a year ago you are not alone. viewers now download four billion videos worldwide everyday. four billion, 25% increase over the number eight months ago. uploads just as mind-boggling people upload theá# equivalent of 60 hours of video every minute. numbers are examine closing because the service is now available on -- is exploding because the service is now available on. -- on phones and tv's not just computers. google calls changes search plus your world privacy groups want the government to investigate the changes.
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engineers released -- [ unintelligible ] we should mention google owns youtube. those two go to together. 5:15. meteorologist mike nicco is here. >> here to talk about drier weather. good morning. 5:16. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a little fog hanging around this area also that's what i mean by patchy definitely humid out there as you can see from this fuzzy picture from mount sutro in san francisco. let's talk about temperatures, how to dress? you don't need wet weather gear 39 fairfield, low to mid 40s inland valleys low to mid 40s around redwood city and mountain view, upper 40s to low 50s, monterey and salinas 51. mid to upper 40s, santa cruz
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watsonville and gilroy. mostly sunny for the afternoon. dry and warmer today. mostly clear again tonight foggy spots will form tomorrow in search of rain and mountain snow and we'll have a hard time finding any looks like we are locked into another extended period of dry weather. a few high clouds this afternoon, a lot of sun, clear lake at 55, everybody else in the upper 50s to low 60s, 62 mountain view and san jose some of the warmer areas. low to mid 60s as you head into the inland valleys, a little more sunshine, you may see high clouds, move prevalent the farther north you go. tonight storm track to the north, partly cloudy and the fog excepting mid 30s to around 40 inland -- fog developing mid 30s to around 40 inland.
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here's what happened while were you sleeping high pressure moved into our neighborhoods brought calming effect that still air with moisture created the fog this morning. this ridge is pushing north rapidly. if you are heading up to washington or oregon use our flight tracker could be delays with all the rain and snow heading through today. high pressure brings us a mostly sunny afternoon. just as cool tomorrow as it was today or this morning i should say in the afternoon we'll warm up into the low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s over the weekend which looks to be very dry, a lot different than last weekend. have a great day here's sue with your traffic. good morning. live shot of the macarthur maze traffic flowing smoothly, 880, 580 into the bay bridge
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toll, 80 everything is at the limit, coming up on 5:18. nice and quiet to major stalls or accidents. if you are ing from no to to terra linda, headlights -- headed past the parkway and civic center golden gate bridge looking good, no problems out of the waldo they've picked up that southbound roadwork so you don't have any specific problems there. san mateo bridge moving well, no problems headed for hayward towards foster city over the highrise taillights headed in the westbound direction. 101 in san jose, light at the 880 overcrossing just a few cars. there you have it. another check from sue in a few minutes. 5:19. a solar storm could leave
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you driving in circles this week. the event millions of miles away could impact earth. >> the man nailed in the head and kept working for another 12 hours. our neighbor to the north announces it is -- its canadacy. e
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. live look at the embarcadero in san francisco traffic moving smoothly. it is dry, nothing to slow you down this morning compared to
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yesterday, quite different. we'll check in with mike and see if fog is creating a problem this morning and what the rest of the week will look like. we are also following developing news in lake county overnight two quakes struck in that area the largest was 3.9 at about 4:11 this morning followed by a 2.0 quake at 4:29. we have no immediate reports of any serious damage. we will of course continue to monitor the situation throughout the morning. the sun is bombarding earth with radiation from the biggest solar storm in more than six years. we are talking today. a blast of plasma from the sun is causing the storm. scientists say no risk to people. the solar radiation storm will impact our earth's magnetic field today and tomorrow. it could affect navigation and cause problems with satellites close to earth. flight patterns over the north pole are expected to be rerouted.
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doctors expect a man to make a full recovery after he accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun. this happened when he built a shed with a friend at his home outside chicago. he knew he had been hit but didn't realize right away that there was a nail in his brain. >> i worked for another 12 hours afterwards. went salting and plowing and the next day decided to go to the care center. >> after he was feeling a bit nauseous. his neurosurgeon points out the nail could have caused brain damage every time it moved. patients with this type of injury face a highs risk of infection. another candidate in the race for president, canada, the country. >> we've seen your candidates, frankly they scare the [ bleep ] out of us. we are volunteering our country to lead your country. >> two anyone in canada launched the satirical
5:25 am
political video that has gone viral. >> why do we want to be your president? two words, these guys. mr. obama, we are canada even we think you are too polite. >> they have a campaign slogan, yes we can-nada. do we all have to learn french? >> i think we have to go through that whole thing about whether or not they were born in the country, remember? marin preschool and two nursing hopes unquarantine this morning. what health officials think is to blame for making dozens of people sick. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. this is the land shraoeud that city officials are -- this is the landslide that city officials are going to be looking at. i'll tell you about the evacuations, damage and plans coming up. some of hollywood's biggest stars are up early this morning as they gear up for the oscar nominations we are 10 minutes away from the
5:26 am
big event happening at the kodak theater. we are going to have those announcements live from beverly hills. temperatures across the lower 48 if you are traveling mid 40s seattle and portland low to mid 50s along the east coast heading midwest 45 st. , 28 chicago. flight arrival days in -- into philadelphia and phoenix every other airport is on time. check out flight tracker at the bottom. hey guys, breakfast!
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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in richmond. police are having a tough time solving a murder. it appears a 22-year-old college student was shot for no reason.
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engineers will be back at san francisco's telegraph hill. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] good morning. 5:29 academy award nomination tuesday. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a college student in his car on his way to class gunned down and kill. now richmond police are trying
5:30 am
to find a killer who they say was on a shooting rampage intending to take out a different target. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: we know the name of the victim he's 22-year-old edwin martinez. he lived in richmond, headed to class at contra costa college with his sister when was shot. police don't have much to go on. they don't have a suspect description. just a man ran from the scene. the victim was a passenger in the car his sister was driving. they had just pulled up and parked along side the curb in the 2100 block of nevin avenue. it appears the killer was after someone else, the man was running after a fleeing vehicle. he was shooting at it. then he gave up. he turned and he saw the car with the brother and sister sitting inside and fired into it. the sister raced off trying to escape, she was okay. it was too late for her brother, he died at the scene,
5:31 am
suffered a fatal gunshot wound before headed off to class at 7:00 at night. police do need some help. they say it appears they've got a victim who was shot for no reason and they don't have a description of his killer. they are hoping that anyone who saw anything will come forward and help them out. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is 5:31. san francisco's city engineers will be back at the base of telegraph hill this morning to draw up plans for stabilizing a crumbling hillside two rockslides damaged a car and forced some out of their homes. terry mcsweeney is live at telegraph hill with or mo. >> reporter: i'm at -- -- rockslides came down yesterday morning twice. they threatened the safety of the people living in this condo building right next
5:32 am
door. look at video we have to give you a better idea of the car that was damaged. good news is nobody was injured. city engineers were here last night trying to set up a plan. here's the initial phase of that plan. >> if we have any further rock falls we are hoping it won't get past here. and any loose rock will not get through the safety net we are going to put here. >> reporter: that safety net better be strong as you can see, you have an i-beam in the ground in concrete and it just started giving way ands go down you can see it gave -- way and as it goes down you can see, -- 5:32. in marin county two nursing hopes and preschool unquarantine after dozens have gotten sick with flu-like --
5:33 am
under quarantine after dozens have gotten sick with flu-like symptoms. the suspected culprit is the norovirus. the facilities share staff members and an unnamed preschool has reported 16 sick. county officials hope the quarantine and infections will stop the spread. plans to build and plans to block a new 49er stadium in the south bay will be a top issue at the santa clara council meeting tonight yesterday city officials said opponents had collected enough signatures to put the future of the project back on the ballot. voters approved the idea in 2010 but were told it would be at much less cost to taxpayers. city attorneys say that original approval should stan. now the city council members will weigh in. both sides expect this to wind
5:34 am
pup in court. cash strapped oakland continues to -- spend hundreds of thousands a month because of the movement. every week for the past month more than 100 police officers are called in to work the saturday night occupy demonstration held downtown. the estimated cost is $50,000 a week. oakland officials estimate their overall tab since the protests began last fall is up to three million dollars and counting. university of california has picked richmond as the site for a second campus of the lawrence berkeley national lab. to be built at the richmond field station that site owned by uc which manages the lab. the next step an environmental impact study and approval from the energy department. the campus is expected to be completed by 2016. the planned 400,000 scare foot lab should generate jobs and make richmond a hot spot for
5:35 am
new which iss and start-up. they can use that -- business there. warmer this morning. not warmer, what am i talking about it is colder this morning without the rain but will be warmer today. >> cooler in the morning, warmer in the afternoon. good morning he's a look at live doppler, a little farther north that's where the storm track is. valley rain and mountain snow right along the oregon board we are the bulk of this storm hitting oregon and washington. at home leftover moisture in the ground, light wind and dense fog forming patchy as we expected only around our official reporting station in novato. there's more out there even though we are not seeing it on this map. winds are very light this morning, five miles per hour, a breath in san jose, west at three, same at half moon bay north at three south at three
5:36 am
at novato the fog not moving much compared to 24 hours ago without the lack of clouds and rain it is cooler from 13 in novato to 12 at redwood city, 10 mountain view, 11 concord, everybody else single digits cooler than we were yesterday. starting out in the there's and 40s in most areas. we'll have 50 around fremont and half moon bay. we'll hold these temperatures through at least the 8:00 hour with a mostly cloudy sky increase in sun, temperatures jump nicely towards the lunch hour low to mid 50s in most neighborhoods high clouds spill over our sky during the afternoon temperatures hang out in the upper 50s to low 60s. repeat today, tomorrow take out the fog and bring in warmer weather for the weekend. good morning. so far, so good drive times if you are leaving the house now, 680 about 11 minutes, a little
5:37 am
over 10 minutes headed towards highway 24, no problems through the caldecott. highway 4 from hillcrest towards 242 concord area nice drive. no problems through livermore into dublin pleasanton area, still a 15 minute drive. highway 1 is closed, 25 miles south of big sur about a day and a half ago due to heavy rockslides in the area, both directions of highway 1. walnut creek nice drive from pleasant hill towards highway 24 past north main traffic moving at the limit into the san ramon valley, no problems towards the 580/680 junction. let's take a look at our app, the waze app, a free app, downtown san francisco you can see coming off of the bay bridge, slow traffic -- excuse me at the fremont street exit, eddie, turk and ellis in the
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tenderloin slow traffic there. if you would like to join our traffic spotters you can download the waze app it is free. join our traffic spotter group. for more information, it is 5:38. >> this morning you have something in common with the biggest stars in hollywood. >> what is that? >> we are all up early to find out who is being nominated. >> live now to the samuel goldwyn theater where the nominations will be announced. this year the oscar buzz is about a film with no dialogue. >> "the artist." there could be anywhere from 5 to 10 best picture nominees. to be a nominee you have to have 5% of the first place votes cast. we are beginning the process
5:39 am
now. hello everybody, good morning. welcome to the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. i'm tom scherr president of the academy. this morning we will share the news we've all been waiting for. i'm happy to be joined by one of last year's best actress nominees, jennifer lawrence. [ applause ] >> thank you tom. good morning everyone. >> the 2011 nominees for best performance by an actress if a supporting role are: >> for best performance by actor in a supporting role the nominees are kenneth bran
5:40 am
that. jonah hill. nick nolte. christopher plumber. max von sydow. >> best performance by an actress in a leading role: glenn close. viola davis. rooney mara. meryl streep. michelle williams. >> nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role: damian -- george clooney. jean dujardin. gary oldman. brad pitt. >> best achievement in directing:
5:41 am
martin scorsese. woody allen. terrance malick. >> for best original screenplay the nominees are: michael hazanavicius. woody allen. >> for adapted screenplay: alexander payne, jim rush. john logan. george clooney grant hazanavicius. aaron sorkin.
5:42 am
bridget o'conner peter strong. >> for best foreign language film: from belgium, from israel, -- a separation. >> for best animated feature film: a cat in paris. chico and rita. kung fu panda 2. "puss in boots". >> finally, i'm pleased to announce the film selected as best picture nominees for 2011 are: warhorse.
5:43 am
the heart 'tis. -- the artist. moneyball. the descendants. the tree of life. nominees to be determined. midnight paris. -- midnight in paris. the help. hugo. extremely loud and incredibly close. >> please join us on february 26th, when we celebrate the magic of the movies, thank you. thank you jennifer. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> live where president of the
5:44 am
academy and actress jennifer lawrence made announcements of the nominees for the academy awards to be held february 26th. this year 10 nominees in the best movie category. >> you could have up to 10, i think they announced nine. you will see which one of those wins when we have the ceremony on february 26th. exciting. moneyball got in. happy about that. >> you are right it was nine. >> i can count. 5:44. >> a lot of veterans in there. okay let's move on. san francisco's sheriff in court facing domestic violence charges. now an ex-girlfriend emerges with charges of her own. her accusations, next. new york giants revealed they intentional lip went after kyle -- they intentionally went after kyle
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[ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables. and it's got tender white-meat chicken... the way i always made it for you. oh, one more thing honey... those pj's you like, the ones with the feet, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. a member of the new york giants says the team targeted punt returner kyle williams because he has a history of concussions. williams made two crucial errors in sunday's game including this fumble in overtime which led to the victory. after the game wide receiver thomas told the star ledger
5:48 am
that new york wanted to shake william up because we revealed he suffered four concussions. people who reviewed the game say they didn't notice any hits on williams that would seem out of the other. sheriff ross mirkarimi set to stand trial february 24th on domestic violence charges. a second woman has come forward claiming he was also violent toward her. mirkarimi appeared before a judge yesterday morning to have the trial debt set on three misdemeanor counts, stemming from an alleged abuse incident with his wife on new year's eve. another woman who claims she dated mirkarimi has filed a new police report. in it, the woman claim the sheriff shook her and pinned her against a wall in his home in 2007. mayor ed lee says he is not ready to publicly ask mirkarimi to step down. disneyland loosens up dress code. bloomberg business report is coming up nancy pelosi lays out a
5:49 am
plan to become house speaker again. the role the number 25 plays in her drive to return democrats to power.
5:50 am
5:51 am
house minority leader nancy pelosi is predicting democrats will recapture the house in november which could open the possibility of the san francisco democrat
5:52 am
regaining the speakership. the chronicle reports pelosi is predicting gains as large as 35 house seats only 25 are needed for democrats to regain the majority. analysts say that is highly unlikely unless the republican party suffers additional damage on the way to the president -- presidential nomination. mike has our forecast. >> trying to look at totals getting those up on facebook and twitter, some areas more than 10 inches of rain. let's look outside. we are looking down from sutro tower some of the haze hanging around some of the moisture leftover from the rains. you can see we are running in the low to mid 40s inland except for 47 at livermore. mid to upper 40s around bay shore scepter the 50 in fremont, 51 at -- except for the 50 in fremont, 51 at
5:53 am
half moon bay. watch out for the patchy fog this morning that will give way to a mostly sunny, dry and warmer afternoon. mostly clear, foggy spots will form again. we need to go in search of rain and mountain snow because it is not in this seven day forecast. a few high clouds this afternoon, storm system passing to our north upper 50s to low 60s monterey bay more sun, slightly warmer, low to mid 60s around the bay and as you head inland. tonight partly cloudy, mid 30s to near 40 inland valleys. 38 palo alto, low to mid 40s bay shore to the coast, 47 san francisco. while were you sleeping high pressure moved in, pushed the storm track north that's where it is going to stay for a long, longtime. accuweather seven day forecast, full of sunshine, temperatures in the low 60s along the coast, the rest of us mid to upper
5:54 am
60s. time for traffic. happy tuesday! live shot at san rafael, snaking by lucas valley road to problems heading into san francisco from marin county. 80 funneling in, 580, 880 moving towards the east bay, no problems through the maze. no metering lights headed towards the toll plaza it is still light heading into san francisco. public transit, everybody seems to be on time, just checked in with bart, vta and ace trains on time out of central valley, no issues there. travel times heading out now 101 santa rosa into novato about 30 minutes. hillcrest to 242 in concord and 580 over the altamont still looking good. 5:54. a big change for disney employees' dress code. >> here's jane king.
5:55 am
job cuts at texas instrument cutting 1,000 jobs closing plans in houston and japan. saying upgrading the factories would be too expensive. investors watching the start of a two-day fed meeting. president obama's ton address. -- s&p closing higher yesterday for a fifth session with energy shares leading the way. soon snow white's elves won't be the only ones with beards, starting next month, the employees -- [ unintelligible ] students at san jose state want more money for minimum wage jobs. students have been mit by rising tuition as well as high cost of gas. they are proposing a ballot measure to raise the city's
5:56 am
minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour as it is in san francisco. >> the people and citizens of san francisco are more aware of the problems of the people as a mass they understand if you take care of the mass the mass will take care of the whole. >> tough in a business like ours to pass that cost on to customers. $2 an hour extra in the minimum wage would definitely be a tough load. >> once the city approves the ballot language, students will need collect 20,000 voter signatures to get the initiative on the november ballot. >> country's five biggest more tkwaeupblg lenders have reached a tentative deal with the government. under the agreement one million homeowners could have the size of their mortgages reduced. 750,000 who have already lost their hopes could get an $1800 settlement. making it easy for the 11 million who owe more than their homes are worth to refinance. critics say it doesn't go far
5:57 am
enough in punishing the banks for deceptive loan practices. california has opt-outed out of the talks. president obama is expected to endorse the deal. you can watch the state of the union live here on abc7, tonight at 6:00 k just ahead,=>no -- the criminals posing as door-to-door salesmen and the peninsula. surviving with a little help from his friends. the incredible avalanche rescue caught on video. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco at the base of the rockslide on telegraph. three condo units evacuated. car damaged and the city preparing to do something about this. we'll hear what, coming up in h@@
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